What is PERP?




 PERP strives to establish physical, mental and spiritual foundations in each individual to reach their maximum potential. We believe that every individual is unique and they have a contribution to make to humanity. Building strong self-concepts through proper remedial programs and structured goals will allow each PERP participant to achieve balance and exhibit focus.

PERP will give life a purpose.

The Physically:

Do you feel you're exhibiting your optimum physical appearance?

Are you disciplined about exercise?

What are you fueling your tank with?

Are you aware of the consequences of ignoring the physical?

Have you simply forgotten that everything start with the physical?



Are you in touch with the source?

Have you discovered where the real power is ?

Do you know how important the creative you are to your success?

Are you being unique or just trying to blend in?

Are you utilizing your inner perspective to grow from every external challenge?

 a purpose.

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